Arts Society, Beckenham

Description The Arts Society Beckenham is a social group which provides access to a wide range of artistic experiences through its morning lectures, study days and cultural visits and tours. It is a Member Society of The Arts Society (formerly the Decorative and Fine Arts Society). Membership benefits include: outstanding expert lectures on a huge variety of artistic and cultural subjects, in depth study sessions, social vvents, cultural day visits and UK and foreign short tours, Opportunities to volunteer in prestigious London galleries and museums and support for local Young Arts projects. Our annual programme of 10 morning lectures are given by The Arts Society approved lecturers and cover a wide variety of cultural subjects, from classical and modern art and architecture, textiles, ceramics, glass, art in a historical and cultural context, and much more. Throughout the year we organise cultural visits, study meetings, tours and social events. A part of our role in Beckenham is to encourage an interest in the decorative and fine arts, and we contribute to arts projects in our local schools via our Young Arts projects. We are also actively involved in Heritage conservation, and offer opportunities to volunteer in a wide range of London museums and galleries. We welcome new members. To attend a sample lecture please contact us.
Contact name Lesley Godwin
Meeting location address Beckenham Public Halls, Bromley Road, Beckenham
Meeting postcode BR3 5JE
Organisation e-mail
Website uk
Opening times 1030am First Thursday of each month except January and August, 2nd Thursday in September.
Age groups 18-24;25-65;65+
Organisation type Voluntary
Record updated 02-01-2019

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