12: Bromley and Sheppard' s Colleges

Description A stop on the Bromley North Village heritage trail
Built/designed Built 1670-72 to the design of Richard Ryder, Master Surveyor who worked with Sir Christopher Wren on rebuilding London following the Great Fire of 1666.
History One of Bromley's finest and most important buildings, the colleges lie behind red brick walls and 18th century iron gates. The college is built around a quadrangle surrounded by stone Doric columns. Houses for the treasurer and chaplain are set either side of the large stone archway to the courtyard. At the end of the 18th century, a second courtyard was added to the same design but with timber columns. The original chapel had to be enlarged and a Gothic replacement, which you can see through the stone archway, was built in 1863.
Did you know? John Warner, Bishop of Rochester, was one of only 8 bishops to survive until the restoration of the Stuart Monarchy in 1660, he was then 79 years old. When he died in 1666, his legacy provided £8,500 for the foundation of a College or almshouse for 'twenty poore widowes of Orthodoxe and Loyalle clergymen'.
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More information The site is private. Group tours can be arranged and public tours are available during the London Open House weekend
Website http://www.bromleyandsheppardscolleges.com/
Continue walk Retrace your steps south to College Slip just beyond Bromley College on your left.

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