Draft enforcement policy consultation

The work of the services within Public Protection and Enforcement Portfolio seek to ensure that Bromley continues to be a safe and healthy place for those who live, visit or work in the borough, now, and into the future. The scope of services is wide and cuts across many of the key areas of work within the authority.

Much of the work is carried out within various regulatory and statutory frameworks, with standards being set by national regulators including: the Food Standards Agency, the Health & Safety Executive, Environment Agency and the Health Protection Agency. The services within Public Protection are responsible for the enforcement of a wide range of legislation, including laws designed to protect the environment, public health, safety, welfare, mitigate nuisance and anti-social behaviour and maintain fair and safe trading practices.

There is a balance to be struck between actively providing support, advice and information as well as targeting enforcement activity against those that put public health, the local economy, the environment or community at risk.  This is recognised within legislation and guidance which states that regulators should publish a policy that details their approach to enforcement. The draft Public Protection enforcement policy sets out the council's approach to enforcement and compliance, and it is intended that this draft document will replace the enforcement policy adopted in 2012.

The enforcement policy incorporates the guidance within the Regulators’ Code 2014, and aims to promote a shared understanding of the principles and criteria underpinning enforcement decisions. It also aims to demonstrate to the public and other stakeholders that, in taking such decisions, there is proportionality of action, consistency of approach and transparency of process. This draft policy ensures that the public, the regulated community and other stakeholders know what to expect from the services within Public Protection, and as required by the regulators’ code we are consulting those we regulate in relation to the guidance we produce.

To comment about the proposed draft enforcement policy, you can email ehts.customer@bromley.gov.uk,  the closing date for comments is Friday 24 January 2020.