Biggin Hill Airport Limited

Biggin Hill Airport’s noise monitoring and track keeping system is now in operation.  The system enables interested residents to see departure and arrival flight tracks associated with aircraft using the airport and report concerns if needed. 

The decision to grant an extension of operating hours with stringent conditions, including introducing a Noise Action Plan follows Executive approval in June 2016.  A Deed of Variation (DoV) was completed in July 2016, with the four remaining identified conditions now satisfied. This follows the council meeting in November 2015 and application from Biggin Hill Airport to their landlord, the council, who owns the freehold, to change their operating hours.

In addition to the airport’s commitment to control and minimise noise as outlined in the Noise Action Plan, the council is monitoring activity and as part of its landlord interests, complaint data is automatically shared with the council as part the noise monitoring and track keeping system that the airport has installed.

The operating hours for the airport are 6.30am to 11pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 10pm at the weekend and on Bank Holidays.

The council has owned the freehold of the airport for many years, generating a rental income for council taxpayers. The primary reason it was purchased was to ensure its long term success, whilst at the same time protecting residents' interests from across the borough and those living under the flightpath. 

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