The Bromley Local Plan

Bromley's Local Plan was adopted on 16 January 2019 and, in conjunction with the London Plan is used to determine planning applications.

The Local Plan replaces The Bromley Unitary Development Plan (UDP) which is only relevant in respect of planning appeals against refusals of permission determined when it was the Statutory Local Plan.

As required by the Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2012 the following documents are now available.

They can be inspected at the following locations


An Interactive Local Plan map and a printed 1:10,000 A3 book of map sheets associated with the Local Plan will be available as soon as reasonably practicable, until then, the Submission Draft Maps should be consulted:

Specific site designation and allocation maps in the Local Plan document

(Biggin Hill Airport areas, Strategic Outer London Development Centre (Biggin Hill Airport), Business Improvement Areas, Crystal Palace SOLDC, Education Sites, Site Allocations, Waste Sites, Local Green Space, Locally Significant Industrial Sites (LSIS), Strategic Industrial Locations and Traveller Sites) 

Policies map set part 1

(Please note, on the I:10000 sheets, the majority of the designations are those on the 2006 UDP, for changes see Policy Map Set 2, the key indicates which these are)

Policies map set part 2

Maps in the minor modifications

(At the end of this document)

Other relevant matters

It should be noted that Conservation Areas are created outside the Local Plan and undergo a different form of consultation; consequently these can change (normally new areas being created) during the life of the Local Plan.

Also relevant to the Local Plan are the annual monitoring reports and five year housing supply


Planning policy


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