Developing Bromley’s Local Plan

Background to the Local Plan

The first public consultation took place in Summer 2011 in the form of the Core Strategy Issues document, an overarching policy document within the Local Development Framework.

In  2012, the Government introduced the National Planning Policy Framework and revised Local Planning Regulations, replacing the Local Development Framework with a Local Plan. As preparations for the Core Strategy were at an early stage, the council decided to develop the existing work into the new format, expanding the Core Strategy into a full Local Plan, covering both high level and detailed planning policies.

The next consultation in Spring 2013 was on an Options and Preferred Strategy Document which  built on the earlier Core Strategy Issues Document and made suggestions about how the issues may be tackled through our broad approach to planning.

In February 2014 the Local Plan Draft Policies and Designations document was published for consultation. This set out draft planning policies and designations, together with the vision and objectives for the borough. It identified existing key sites that contributed to the delivery of the plan. In addition, details of sites which might contribute to the vision and objectives for the borough were invited -  a ‘Call for Sites’. A number of such sites were submitted for consideration and potential inclusion as a ‘Site Allocation’ within the draft Local Plan. 

In September 2015 the Draft Allocations, Further Policies and Designations Document was published for consultation. Comments were invited on the sites identified as Draft Site Allocations. It also included a limited number of new and revised policies and designations which provide the context for the draft site allocations, and the requirement of the Local Plan to be in general conformity with the London Plan.

The Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan was consulted on in the Autumn of 2016. It built on the earlier consultations and is intended to be the final statutory consultation before the Local Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination 

Although no longer available to comment on, all previous consultation documents and the supporting material is still available for inspection on our Local Plan Consultation Portal.