Review of the Bromley Local Plan

The Bromley Local Plan was adopted in January 2019. The Local Plan includes policies covering a range of areas, including housing, employment, sustainability and community uses. There are also a number of site allocations which identify particular sites to be developed for a type and amount of uses to meet objectively assessed need and help to deliver the borough’s economic, environmental and social objectives.

Local Plans should be reviewed every five years in accordance with planning legislation. Since the Local Plan was adopted, there have been changes to national and regional policy. This includes the adoption of the new London Plan which has higher housing targets and various other policies which have implications for Bromley’s local planning policies.

Call for sites consultation

As a first step in the process of updating the Local Plan, the council is undertaking a call for sites exercise, which invites landowners, developers and any other parties to put forward potential development sites for allocation, for development of housing, employment and retail uses or any other uses.

There is no guarantee that sites submitted as part of this consultation exercise will be allocated; all sites will be subject to detailed assessment against relevant legislation and guidance as part of the Local Plan preparation process. Where sites are considered to warrant allocation, these will be included in a future consultation exercise.

Information required

Site submissions should be emailed to the planning policy team by 12 November 2021.  Submissions must be accompanied by GIS shapefiles detailing the site boundaries. Shapefiles should be in ESRI format.

The council also encourages submission of proportionate information setting out justification for the allocation of the site. This information will assist with the council’s assessment of potential new site allocations.

How will your information be used?

Information about how the council uses and protects personal data and about personal data rights is available at

In relation to the Bromley Local Plan review, it is noted that comments and information may be made publicly available in future as part of the Local Plan preparation and examination process (with appropriate redaction of personal information).

If you would like to be added to the council’s planning policy database, to receive updates about future planning policy consultations (including any future consultations on the Local Plan review), please email the planning policy team.

You will not be notified of any future consultations if you are not on the council’s planning policy database.

Further information

If you have any further questions regarding the call for sites exercise, please email the planning policy team.

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