Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

The council prepared a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Planning Obligations. The SPD expands on the overarching Planning Obligations Policy IMP1 within the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).

The draft SPD and related matters were available for public consultation for 6 weeks (17 Feb-31 March 2010).

All representations were responded to and reported to the council's Development Control Committee (DCC) on the 23 November 2010, together with related changes to the document. The council's Executive, considered changes to the draft SPD along with comments from DCC and resolved to adopt the SPD on the 8 December 2010.

The council have approved an addendum to the Adopted Supplementary Planning Document on Planning Obligations.  The addendum (January 2012) makes reference to the need to consider affordable rented housing within the definition of affordable housing.  The addendum has been produced as a result of changes to PPS3 (June 2011) that includes affordable rent within the definition of affordable housing. A second addendum was approved by the council (June 2013) to update the formula for calculating a payment in lieu.

In June 2015 the Executive approved an addendum amending references to pooling of S106’s, and to the affordable housing threshold.

The council agreed an update to the Local Intermediate Housing Income Thresholds in July 2018 that form an Addendum to the SPD.

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