Housing review procedure

If you are not eligible to join the Housing Register because of unacceptable behaviour, or because you are subject to immigration control you will be informed of that decision, the reasons for that decision, and your right to request a review.

Requests for a review must be made in writing to the Council, and should include your reasons for believing you qualify to join the Housing Register.

You also have the right, on request, to be informed of any decision about the facts of your case which have been, or are likely to be, taken into account in considering whether to make you an offer of housing. You will then be informed of any such decisions, and your right to request a review.

What is the review procedure?

If you believe that the decision reached on your housing application is wrong, you can ask us to review the decision.

How does it work?

You should submit your reasons for requesting a review in writing with any supporting documents within 21 days of receiving the decision on your application. If you wish you can ask someone to write on your behalf.

Who will carry out the review?

The review will be carried out by a senior officer who was uninvolved with the original decision made on your application.

How long will it take?

We must review your case and let you know the decision within 8 weeks of the date we receive your review request.

How will I know the decision?

Whatever the outcome of the review we will inform you in writing of our decision and the reasons for it.

Will I be entitled to speak to the person carrying out the review?

If we accept there was some irregularity in the original decision or in the way it was made, but still decide to uphold the decision, we will ask if you or your representative wish to present your case to us in person at an oral hearing.

What if I am not entitled to an oral hearing?

If your appeal fails but you still wish to contest the decision you should take independent legal advice to see if you have grounds for taking the matter to the County Court.


You should send any documents or supporting evidence to the Housing Reviews Manager within 21 days. 

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