Home composting

Recycling, rubbish and waste

Composting produces a high quality soil conditioner that will help your garden grow naturally. It also helps to protect the environment and save money. A third of the average dustbin is taken up with compostable materials, two thirds if you include paper and cardboard. Composting is for everyone - give it a try and you'll be surprised how easy it is!

You can purchase a compost bin by visiting getcomposting.com, (a subsidiary of Straight plc), with the compost bin then delivered to your home.  Alternatively, you may wish to visit a nearby garden centre or DIY store to purchase a compost bin directly or of course, another online retailer.



A wide range of compost bins, water butts and accessories are available to meet all your composting and water saving needs. Compost bins are made using recycled plastic and come with a guarantee.  Each water butt kit comes complete with a stand, diverter and tap and are also made with recycled plastic.


Compost bin orderline

Address: 4 Carrwood Park, Swillington Common Farm, Selby Road, Leeds, LS15 4LG

Tel: 0800 316 4454