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Research shows that up to 50,000 disposable nappies are thrown away each day across the borough. Figures are based on around 4,000 Bromley births annually with an average of 5 nappy changes a day over 2½ years (the average time a baby is in nappies). 

With disposable nappies taking a lifetime to decompose in landfill sites, the long term impact on the environment is considerable and costly. Real nappies are an alternative to using disposables. Modern real nappies are simple to use and care for, and come in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes to suit you and your baby.


There are a number advantages to using real nappies, these include:

  • Financial benefits: over the course of 2½ years you will spend at least £1,000 on disposable nappies. Using real nappies could save you half this cost. The savings become even greater when more babies are born, as you can simply reuse your nappies. Using real nappies instead of disposables means less waste going to landfill sites, which saves money in landfill tax.
  • Environmental benefits: most disposables end up in a landfill site where they may pollute the environment and can take many years to degrade.
  • Health benefits: real nappies are generally made from natural fabrics and are therefore breathable and comfortable to wear. Unlike many disposables, they do not contain super-absorbent chemicals.

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