Local offer - social communication difficulties including autism

The Bromley All-Age Autism Partnership ( BAAP)

The Bromley All Age Autism Board newsletter provides information about the initiatives and support on offer locally in Bromley.

In December 2018, the government updated its National Autism Strategy to represent people of all ages in the UK for the first time. It stated ‘The strategy must put in place the right health, care and education services, reduce social isolation and open up opportunities for autistic people of all ages’.  In response the Bromley Autism Partnership was extended to become the Bromley All-Age Autism Partnership.

The Bromley All-Age Autism Partnership  ( BAAP) brings together representatives including those with Autistic Spectrum Condition, their parents, carers, professionals and the voluntary sector to improve services available in Bromley for young people and adults with autism and to raise awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions to the general public  

The work of the BAAP is overseen by a committee known as the Bromley All Age Autism Board (BAAB) a decision-making body whose main aim is to influence commissioners and develop improved services within Bromley for young people and adults with ASC. The board is supported by an All Age Action plan which has seven priorities.

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting initiative please email sendmatters@bromley.gov.uk

The 100 Day Challenge

The 100 day challenge was an exciting and novel initiative that aimed to demonstrate the Bromley local area’s commitment to driving through improved experiences and outcomes for children and young people with social communication difficulties (including autism) and their families

Working in collaboration,  a group of 20 consisting of parent carers, schools and other professionals worked to identify and ‘unstick problems in the system’. With innovative thinking the group worked to identify, create and test solutions, all within 100 days

Focussing first on the area of training and development, the group met fortnightly to ensure that development and delivery was driven at pace and that momentum was maintained.

Divided into two distinct groups, half focused on influencing from the ‘ground up’ while the other half focused on ‘top down’ activities.  A clear agreement was reached that the work should span the areas of education, health and care but would also work holistically, looking beyond school and into the local community. 

The first outcome that the group aimed to achieve was for the lived experience of children, young people and their families to be one of feeling understood and welcomed in their local community.

Two key questions emerged that would provide the focus needed to improve outcomes:

  • What would it look and feel like if parents knew how to influence environments outside of the family home that makes life calmer?

  • What would it look and feel like if outside environments understood and knew how to make life calmer for children, young people and their families?

The 100 day challenge has resulted in a number of very real achievements which include….

  •  A guide for families with children and teenagers who have social communication difficulties including autism, which has been widely distributed across education, health and social care services, to the voluntary sector and parent groups. This guide will be updated on a termly basis by an editorial group consisting of parent carers.
  • Development of peer to peer parent support groups allowing  parents to come together to discuss ways in which they can continue to make a difference to families living with autism
  • Selection of the Bromley Autism Partnership Group as one of three charities and community groups that Bromley’s The Glades shopping centre has elected to work with and support during 2020
  • Creation of an immersive training guide for use by local businesses including the introduction of sunflower lanyards. View the hidden disabilities sunflower video
  • A film developed by children and young people that develops understanding of the lived experience and what we need to do together in order to improve that experience
  • An improved understanding and increased communication of the training offer available for parent/carers via Bromley Mencap (Ambitious about Autism), SEN Advisory Team (SCERTS) and the Bromley Children Project (Cygnet)

The impact of the 100-day challenge has been significant with many parents commenting they felt really empowered by the process

The intention is to repeat the 100 day challenge for a new area of need towards the end of 2020, taking on board the lessons learned from 2019. 

If you would like to be a part of our next exciting Autism 100 day challenge please register your interest at sendmatters@bromley.gov.uk