SENDMatters: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Children’s occupational therapy: service update for specialist equipment at home

A part of the children’s disability service, the occupational therapy team provides specialist home equipment and major adaptations for children’s disability needs after assessment.

To help with the situation at home

You should continue to check that the equipment provided for your child is working well. To help protect your home against COVID-19, you should keep straps, trays and covers wiped clean where possible. 
You can download a check before use guide for any slings that you have.

Broken equipment

If your child’s equipment is broken, you should call Medequip on 020 8319 5680 to ask for it to be repaired.
During the current situation they may temporarily repair the equipment so that it can still be used until a specialist company can become involved at a later date.

Broken equipment: installed adaptations

If an installed adaptation like a shower in the wet room or a wash/dry toilet breaks you should call the warranty or servicing company covering any repairs for this adaptation.
Newly installed equipment like a shower will have the manufacturer’s warranty for the first 12 months or longer. You may also have your own extended warranty. We do advise that you take out a service or warranty plan when this expires so  you are covered.

Your housing association may take on this responsibility so you should contact them for assistance through their repairs helpline. If you are unable to organise a repair during this time of crisis, we would suggest that you cease to use the adaptation.

If your situation changes

If there are any changes to your or your child’s situation at home and you require urgent assistance, you should contact our service. 
This covers changes such as: 

  • a difficulty has arisen with moving and handling due to your child’s needs or your own needs
  • a Medequip repair now requires OT intervention for new essential parts or equipment
  • your child has had a growth spurt and can no longer use the chair for eating and drinking, or sitting for posture management
  • there are issues of safety at home which cannot wait

You can email Alternatively, you can call 020 8461 7254. 

Other occupational therapy related advice and information

If your query is in relation to:

  • discharge home from hospital
  • continuing care and OT
  • rehabilitation or 1:1 occupational therapy

Please contact Bromley Healthcare’s Phoenix occupational health service by emailing Alternatively, you can call 0300 330 5777.