Support for children with additional needs or disabilities

Sensory support

Support for children and young people who have a visual impairment or are Deaf or hearing impaired.

From birth to 19 years

The Sensory Support Service works with babies, children and young people from the time a  visual or hearing difficulty is diagnosed. 

In the early years the teams support families through the difficult times when a visual or hearing impairment is first diagnosed, as well as monitoring and advising as to how to help their child develop appropriately. Ideas for play activities and toys are given.

Once the child starts at pre-school or school the teams enable pupils with sensory impairment to have the best possible access to the Curriculum and school life whilst meeting needs which are specific to their sensory impairment.

Who can get support

Babies, children and young people with hearing and visual difficulties living in Bromley.

Any child or pupil in a Bromley pre-school or school.

Who can get advice

Parents / carers, close family members, health visitors, pre- schools.

What we can do

  • Babies and pre-school children receive support from sensory support teachers before they start school. 
  • Once the children start school one of the sensory support service team works alongside the school offering advice and training on the best way to ensure that pupils can participate as fully as possible in all learning and activities. 
  • The service has a range of specialist equipment, and will advise on its use.
  • Groups are provided for parents of sensory impaired children to meet each other. Baby sign and toddler groups are held and social groups are run for older children.

Sensory support service


Tel: 01689 889850 (Hearing) 01689 889856 (Vision)

Fax: 01689 889866

Griffins, Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington, BR6 8ER