30 hours funded childcare

Childcare providers

What do I need to do?

You need to think about the demand currently and future demands from parents. What can you offer parents and how could you work in partnership with other childcare providers or stretch the offer over the year.

What if I can’t offer 30 hours funded childcare?

We are helping providers develop the relationships with other providers and inform parents that they can split the funding across two providers and show how this is a seamless transition for the child.

How do we know a parent is eligible?

All three and four year olds will still get the universal 15 hours. When the application process becomes available we will notify you so you can pass this on to parents. Families who have applied online will have a code from HMRC and validity date which will say the start of the eligibility and when the parent needs to confirm this. We are in the process of securing a suitable, easy and simple online checking tool for providers to check eligibility. You cannot assume people are eligible, always check.

How will I claim the funding?

All Bromley providers will know the claim process and we will need to amend these to meet the new criteria. This will be rolled out in the Summer term and training will be offered when we have more information on this.

What is Bromley doing to plan for the 30 hours funded childcare?

We have a childcare plan for 2017 which outlines the key areas we will focus on communication, quality, IT solutions, sufficiency and partnership working. 

Childcare sufficiency – We have identified areas of the borough where we need to work with existing providers to expand their offer and encourage new providers to open. The updated Childcare Sufficiency Ward Level Data 2017 contains the number of potentially eligible families, how many children claim funding and the average costs of childcare

Partnership working – We will host small discussions to look at sharing the funding, the offer and sharing good practice