Draft -Queries or concerns about a funded place

Queries or concerns about a funded place

Find out what to do if you have any concerns regarding a funded place or a childcare setting

Have a query or concern about your funded place?

If you believe that your child has been prevented from accessing their funded place, or that the provider is netting off the funding from their charges or that you are being billed for non-refundable charges please speak to your provider in the first instance.  The provider should endeavour to resolve any issues you have as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

If you have contacted your provider and are still unable to resolve your query, please complete our online form (this form may need updating?)  You will need to attach evidence (emails, invoices etc.) to support your complaint.

Concerns regarding the quality of care or an incident at a setting

If you have any concern regarding the quality of care, or something you have witnessed at a setting, please contact Ofsted .

Concerns regarding a child’s welfare

If you have any concern regarding a child’s welfare, Find out what you should do