Bromley Welfare Fund

Frequently asked questions

I’m a single parent and would like a double bed

We only offer single beds for single people as the scheme is becoming severely stretched, we can only offer double beds for couples. 

I applied for Bromley Welfare fund when I moved into my property, can I apply again?

If you have been awarded a Bromley Welfare Fund in the past 12 months unfortunately this will not be awarded again. We can look at cases on an individual basis, in extreme circumstances, for applications made after the 12 month period .

I was awarded a bed from Bromley Welfare Fund, however it’s broken, can I have another one?

We do not replace items. 

My cooker was awarded and I need to move again, will Bromley Welfare Fund fit my cooker again in my new property?

Bromley Welfare Fund does not do re-fitting of cookers

I don’t know if my property has gas or electricity for my cooker

Cookers will not be delivered without a definite answer to this question. If we do not have the correct energy supply to the cooker, it may be removed, therefore it’s essential that we have the correct information to supply this item.

What if I need help in the future or my furniture or appliance breaks?

We recommend that you save money for the future. The Money Advice Service gives useful information on budgeting and how to save money.