Choosing a builder

If you are considering any work to your property and you require a builder, you should consider this choice very carefully. As this is a big investment, you should thoroughly check any builder out before employing their services.

Items to consider:

  • For large projects, consider employing a professional to advise you.
  • Discuss the extent of your arrangement with your professional:
    • does it involve the preparation of plans only or is site supervision part of the package?
    • If you consider your job so small you don't require a professional, get advice from someone from the industry who you know and trust.
  • Always obtain quotations (at least three) and have them checked.
    • Don't automatically go for the cheapest quote.
      • Ask questions of the builder:
        • where have they worked before
        • how do they want to be paid: on completion or in stages
        • can they supply references from satisfied clients
        • are they happy to accept a retention clause
        • will they give you a final completion date
        • will they accept a penalty clause for failure to complete on time
        • will they agree to independent arbitration if you have any dispute
        • Reassure yourself by checking the builder's work, references and other aspects, such as work habits, with previous clients.
        • Finally, you should wait for your Certificate of Completion from Building Control before completing your transactions with the builder. ;
        You don’t need to get building approval yourself for alterations and installations if you use someone registered with a competent person scheme.

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