Building control regulation approval

Regularisation application

If building work is carried out without having first obtained the necessary Building Regulations approval, it may be possible to issue a Regularisation Certificate retrospectively.


 A Regularisation Certificate can only be issued if:

  • the work conforms with current Building Regulations and is of an acceptable standard;
  • work started after November 11th 1985. 


Fees vary, you can download a table of charges.

How to apply

The application must describe the extent of the unauthorised work and, where possible, include a plan of that work. You should also detail any additional work you intend to carry out to secure compliance with the requirements of the current Building Regulations. 

We may ask for certain parts of the work to be available for inspection and may require alterations to be carried out before the Regularisation Certificate can be issued.

To obtain a Regularisation Certificate use the Regularisation application form and enclose the correct payment. 

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