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Electrical installation (Part P: building regulations)

All new electrical wiring or electrical components for a house, flat or any small commercial building linked to domestic accommodation must be designed and installed in accordance with the new Part P of the Building Regulations. This  is necessary to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by faulty electrical wiring in the home, much of it installed by DIY enthusiasts and other unqualified people.


Minor work such as replacing a socket outlet will only have to be done safely and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, provided it is not in a sensitive location such as a kitchen. Even with this type of work, if you are not sure about how to install new wiring, electrical sockets etc. then don't! Get a qualified electrician who can do it safely and protect your family.

All other electrical work will have to be checked by one of two processes. You will have to show that you have complied with the Regulations by either: 

  • having the work done by a registered competent person, or
  • applying to have the work checked by Building Control.

Registered competent person

The simplest and quickest method is to have the work done by a competent person who is a member of a recognised scheme i.e. a person registered by BRE Certification Ltd, British Standards Institution, ELECSA Ltd, NICEIC Certification Services Ltd or NAPIT Certification Ltd. in respect of that type of work. They are allowed to certify their own work and they will tell the Council that the work has been properly installed and tested. This will then be logged as part of the property history associated with your address. Anyone who is a member of one of the self-certification schemes will be able to produce written proof of membership. If the electrician you intend to use claims membership of one of the schemes but cannot produce written proof, use somebody else.

Building Control

Alternatively, you can make a Building Regulations application to us and an agent acting on our behalf will inspect and test your electrical installations.


Charges vary, you can download a table of charges.  Please refer to the guidance notes that accompany the forms.

How to apply

  • For electrical work in isolation, use the Building Notice Part P Electrical Installations form and enclose the correct payment.
  • Where electrical work is with or part of other work, such as domestic extensions, complete the supplementary information required for Part P electrical installations in either the normal Building Notice and Full Plans application forms.

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