Building regulations - a guide

What will the council do?

Full Plans application 

If you use the Full Plans procedure, the local authority will check your plans and consult any appropriate authorities (such as fire and water authorities). If your plans comply, you will receive a notice that they have been passed. If the local authority is not satisfied, you may be asked to make amendments or provide more details. Alternatively, a conditional approval may be issued if you consent to this. If your plans are rejected the reasons will be stated in the notice. 

Building Notice application

If you use the Building Notice procedure, as with Full Plans applications, the work will be inspected as it proceeds; but you will not receive any notice indicating whether your proposal has been passed or rejected. However, you will be informed where the Building Control Surveyor finds that the work does not comply with the Regulations. If, before work begins or while work is in progress, the local authority requires further information such as structural design calculations or plans, you must supply the details requested.

Building control


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