Local Economy Business Grant appeal procedure

1. Introduction

1.1. This appeals procedure applies to businesses that have applied to Bromley Council for a Local Economy Business Grant.

1.2. The appeals procedure only applies to applicants that have an application for a Local Economy Business Grant rejected.

1.3. There is no appeals procedure for applicants regarding the level of grant awarded.

2. Grounds for an appeal

2.1 An appeal can only be made on the basis that  the council did not follow the correct procedure in determining the grant application; or the council did not act reasonably in the assessment of the application.

2.2  For the sake of clarity, an applicant cannot appeal the eligibility criteria that has been set by the council.

3. Exercising a right to appeal

3.1.  All applicants that have applied for a Local Economy Business Grant will be notified in writing of the council’s decision to approve or reject the application.

3.2.  Appeals must be submitted in writing to business@bromley.gov.uk within 14 days of notification of the council’s decision. The appeal must state clearly the basis of the appeal and provide evidence to support their appeal.

4. Consideration of appeals

4.1.  An appeals panel composed of three officers of the council will consider all appeals. These officers will not have been involved in the processing of applications for the Local Economy Business Grants.

4.2.  If the officer panel agree that there are sufficient grounds for appeal, the applicant will be invited to a conference call with the panel. The council will present its case first and the applicant will have an opportunity to put questions to the council officer presenting the case. The applicant will then present their case after which questions may be put.

4.3. The appeals panel will inform the applicant of its decision and findings in writing. If the appeal is upheld the council will reconsider the application for a Local Economy Business Grant. A successful appeal will not automatically result in a different decision.  The decision by the appeals panel is final.