Business opportunity profiles

BOPs provide small businesses and those thinking of starting a business with an invaluable range of guides to starting up over 350 different business ideas. Each BOP represents a practical source of information to help with a business or marketing plan.
BOPs are updated monthly at an average rate of around 11 per month (each BOP is updated at least once every two years). New titles are added each month, commissioned using feedback from end user businesses and the business adviser community. Information covered includes

  • the business idea
  • the start up costs
  • the market
  • regulations
  • training/qualifications
  • key contacts and sources of further information

Examples of BOPs which have been recently published or updated

CV Writer
Dating Agency
Independent Record Label
Kitchen Designer
Mobile Phone Retailer
Nursing Home
Pest and Vermin Controller
Rehearsal Studio
Rock, Pop and Jazz Musician
Travel Agent
Travel Writer

How can you obtain a BOP to help with your business idea?

Please visit COBRA (Complete Business Reference Advisor) 

If you do not have access to a computer BOPs can now be accessed in any of our libraries.

While you are searching the BOP database, why not see what other valuable information is available?   When you log on to the BOP database you can also access a comprehensive and versatile research resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs that contains over 3,000 fact sheets, reports and small business guides.  These include:

  • Business Information Fact sheets - over 300 how-to guides and practical small business checklists
  • UK Market Synopses - guides to trends and opportunities in over 60 UK market sectors
  • Useful Contacts - a directory containing contact details for organisations of interest to anyone involved in setting up or running a business
  • Business Legal Library - clear and concise explanations on over 300 current laws and regulations facing small businesses.