Business start up

More advice about starting a business

How do I find out what is involved in starting a particular kind of business?

Try the Business Opportunity Profiles service, which is a database of short expert guides on hundreds of business ideas, outlining skills and knowledge required, start up costs, regulations and useful sources of further information.

How do I find suitable premises for my business?

Information on vacant commercial property in the borough (including council-owned premises) can be found in our commercial property section.

Will I need planning permission for my business?

For guidance on whether you will require permission for change of use or to make changes to your premises, please contact Planning.

What are the legal issues and regulations I need to be aware of for my new business? Do I need any licenses to trade?

Business opportunity profiles will provide initial guidance on this, but for more detailed guidance see Licences

Will my new business be liable for business rates and if so how much will I have to pay?

For information on all aspects of business rates, including Small business rate relief please visit Business rates

How do I market my business to people and businesses in Bromley?

Data on other businesses in the borough is viewable in the Bromley Business Directory, the Business Information Service can help with demographic information and you can also find out more about Business Networking Opportunities and Events