Ofsted and childcare guidelines

What is Ofsted?

Ofsted provide reassurance that your children are cared for by suitable people and in suitable premises.  In Bromley we are in the top 10 best Local Authorities for our Ofsted outcomes. Ofsted:

  • Register – check the applicant, including a check against police records, the premises and equipment;
  • Inspect and write a report - at least once every three years they assess the quality of education provided;
  • Investigate any concerns / complaints – to ensure that providers remain suitable for registration and continue to meet the national standards.

There are three Childcare Registers:

  • Compulsory (CCR) – 0-8 years
  • Early Years (EYR) – for under 5’s
  • Voluntary (VCR) – where registration is not compulsory such as Nannies or sports clubs

Parents should ask to see both the provider’s registration certificate and their most recent Ofsted inspection report allowing the provider to explain their outcomes. For more information, visit the Ofsted website.   

When looking for childcare, you need to use your own judgement and ask the right questions along with the Ofsted report.