Making a planning appeal

Commenting on an appeal

If you live close to a site which is subject to a planning application, we will contact you for your views if the applicant appealed against our decision. We will also contact you if you have previously responded to our consultation. You can still comment about an appeal even if we have not notified you.

An appeal can be dealt with by way of written representations, a hearing or an inquiry. You will be notified in writing as to what procedure the appeal will be taking.

Any comments you made to us regarding the proposal at planning application stage will be sent to the planning inspector dealing with the appeal.

Please send 3 copies of any further comments you wish to make to the Planning Inspectorate. It is important that they reach the planning inspectorate by the date stated in our letter. You can also comment on an appeal online on the Planning Portal.

The Planning Inspectorate will:

  • ensure your letter is passed to the inspector dealing with the appeal
  • only acknowledge your letter if you specifically ask them to do so
  • only send a copy of the decision letter to you if requested in writing. You will not be able to discuss the case, but you can point the relevant facts and features. Not all proposals will require an accompanied site visit.

If the appeal is being dealt with by way of a hearing or an inquiry in addition to the above you may attend the meeting and, at the inspector's discretion, give your views. The date and details will be confirmed by us nearer the time.