Council tax 2020/21

Letter from the Leader of the Council

Dear Resident

May I start by apologising for this year’s above inflation increase for council tax and Adult Social Care precept.

This is clearly not something that we take any pleasure whatsoever in passing on to  Bromley residents and neither does it serve as any consolation to understand that the vast majority of the capital’s other 31 boroughs are presenting the same level of increase to their residents as well. On a far brighter note, the Brexit process’ glacially slow process through parliament last year, has served to produce one unexpected and extremely welcome windfall. With virtually all other legislation being delayed at Westminster as a result, the government eventually passed a more favourable one year Local Government settlement for 2020/21, effectively freezing the previously announced ‘cuts’.

Although we must take nothing for granted given the temporary nature of this year’s settlement, should the current arrangement be made permanent , in conjunction with a favourable outcome for Bromley from the government’s long awaited ‘fairer funding’ review later this summer, my message, this time next year, could potentially be far more upbeat.

All eyes now nervously turn towards this year’s impending budget at the time of going to press…

Councillor Colin Smith
Bromley Council Leader

Your bill

The current challenging financial situation means residents will see a 3.91% increase in council tax 2020-21.

This is made up of a 1.99% increase in the Bromley element of the council tax, plus 2.00% precept to help protect Adult Social Care services.

Allowing for the Major of London’s Greater London Authority (GLA) increase of 3.61%, the combined effect equates to an increase of £60.07 a year on a Band D property, with other bands calculated pro-rata.