Safer neighbourhoods initiative

Safer neighbourhoods is an initiative introduced by the Metropolitan Police in 2004 to tackle the low-level types of crime that have a high impact on local communities.

How does it work

It is about local policing: police and partners working with you, to identify and tackle issues of concern in your neighbourhood - whether these are anti-social behaviour, graffiti, disorder or other quality-of-life issues.

Each safer neighbourhoods team is normally made up of one sergeant, two police constables and three police community support officers (PCSOs). The difference between these officers and other community police is that the community, and not the Met,  sets their priorities. And most importantly, these officers cannot be assigned to duty elsewhere in the Borough or in London except under extraordinary circumstances.

There are 22 wards in the London Borough of Bromley all with dedicated Safer neighbourhood teams in place. Each team will establish its own neighbourhood panel, which will be made up of residents, community volunteers and local businesses. The purpose of the panel is to meet regularly with the team sergeant and to agree upon a priority list of local community safety concerns and issues that the team should target. The panel is also involved in deciding what type of action should be taken and should have an input to the problem-solving approach.

How do we contribute to safer neighbourhoods

The police alone cannot address all community safety problems in the borough. Some are matters for us or other partners to address. Poor street lighting, security issues on estates, some anti-social behaviour, street environment issues, etc. are matters that need to be referred to the council. We currently support all safer neighbourhood teams through the Safer Bromley Partnership, and in particular the safer neighbourhood development officers who assist in co-ordinating the work of the panels.

How you can contribute to safer neighbourhoods

Local community involvement is key to the success of the safer neighbourhoods scheme. People who live and/or work in a neighbourhood know what the problems are in the area, and often the cause. Safer neighbourhoods teams work alongside local communities and other partners in combating the issues that most concern local people.