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Cookies used on

'Cookies' are small files put onto your computer to collect information about how you browse the site.

We use cookies on this website to:

  • allow users to log in and register with our website
  • check that cookies can be set and therefore determine whether a user is able to log in
  • store a reference to a form, this allows the customer to complete it over multiple sessions
  • distribute workload across the web servers
  • analyse user statistics.

You can control cookies through your web browser settings, allowing you to decide if you want to access sites that use cookies.

Cookie name Purpose More information
BNI-BARRACUDA_ LB_COOKIE= Load balancing Wikipedia website

Keeps track of: 

  • number of times a visitor has been to the site
  • when their first visit was
  • when their last visit occurred
Google Analytics



Work together to calculate the length of a visit by taking a timestamp of the exact moment when a visitor:

  • _utmb enters the site, expires at the end of the session
  • _utmc leaves the site, it waits 30 minutes then expires
Google Analytics

Keeps track of:

  • where the visitor came from
  • what search engine was used
  • what links were clicked on
  • what keywords were used
  • where (in the world) they accessed the site

Expires in 6 months

Google Analytics
TestCookie=Test Whether a user's browser accepts cookies and can therefore log in  
Geo Where a user is located Google Analytics
PHP&ASP.NET Sessionid
  • store session data of a user - to determine whether a user is logged in to the website
  • store session data while user is filling in a form

Store the session identifier of a user.  It expires:

  • when browser closed, or
  • if 'keep me signed in' box is ticked, in 4 weeks
Fix my street
  • Only session cookies are used
  • Session cookies only hold a session ID
  • No user-specific information is held within any Portal cookie
  • All session cookies are deleted at the end of a user session
  • No persistent cookies are used
  • Session cookies are first-party only, no third-party cookies are used
MyBromley Account
LaSID Standard session ID cookie

Expires when browsing session ends.
Parking live chat
LaVisitorld Keeps track of visitors that start chat. If an email or other similar information is assigned, this is recalled with each session if a cookie has not expired.

Expires after 24 hours

Parking live chat

LaVisitorNew  Checks if this is the first time the visitor is seeing the chat page.

Expires after 24 hours.
Parking live chat
 LaRunningChat  Keeps track of current web chats.

Expires when browsing session ends.
Parking live chat

Stores information about the Parking officer who is logged in.

Expires when browsing session ends.

Parking live chat

For invitations that have been rejected, so not to open the invitation again.

Expires when browsing session ends.

Parking live chat