Definition of Parishioner

The term parishioner means, with regard to right of burial at parishioners charges:

  • a person who lives in the London Borough of Bromley; or
  • a person who actually dies within the Borough's boundaries.

A grave space may be purchased by a parishioner (at parishioners fees) for the burial of a non-parishioner.  However, the interment fees will be charged at non-parishioners fees.

The term "parishioner" means, for internments at parishioners charges:

  • residents as above;
  • a person, who, although living outside the borough when they died, used to be a resident in the Borough at the time when they or their partner bought the exclusive right of burial;
  • residents of the borough who moved into a nursing home or hospital outside the borough, before they died; or 
  • a person who had moved out of the borough within the previous 12 months and was formally a long-term resident in the borough (for a minimum of 10 years).

In the case of the cemetery at Beaverwood Road, Chislehurst, the term "parishioner" includes residents of the London Borough of Bexley.