Kelsey and Eden Park ward by-election 2018


Election results for Kelsey and Eden Park Ward by-election

Following the resignation of Cllr Wibberley in Kelsey & Eden Park Ward  a by-election took place in the ward on Thursday 29 November 2018

Who can vote in this election?

So long as they are registered to vote in the relevant ward, people who can vote (the franchise) in this election are:

  • British (or British Overseas Territory) Citizens residing in the United Kingdom
  • Qualifying Commonwealth citizens
  • Citizens of the Republic of Ireland
  • European Union citizens

Please note: British citizens living overseas (who are not Members of the Armed Forces, Crown Servants, British Council employees or their spouse or civil partner) are not entitled to vote in this election.

Voter ID

No voter ID is required to vote in this election.


There will be one ballot paper per ward and, with one vacancy in the ward, you will have one vote (X) on the ballot paper.

Download and view ward map.

Key Dates

Notice of Election published Thursday 25 October 2018
Deadline for Nominations Friday 2 November 2018
Statement of Persons Nominated published Monday 5 November 2018 4pm
Notice of Election Agents Names and Offices published Monday 5 November 2018 4pm
Deadline for applications to register to vote Tuesday 13 November 2018
Deadline for new applications to vote by post or postal proxy Wednesday 14 November 2018 5pm
Deadline to amend or cancel existing postal, proxy or postal proxy votes Wednesday 14 November 2018 5pm
Notice of Poll published Wednesday 21 November 2018
Deadline for new applications to vote by proxy Wednesday 21 November 2018 5pm
Polling day Thursday 29 November 2018 7am to 10pm
Count and results declared Thursday 29 November 2018 from 10pm

Standing for Election

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