Annual canvass

What is the annual canvass?

Each year, by law, we conduct an annual canvass of the borough in order to update the electoral register. 

As part of this we must contact every property to find out if there are any changes to the household so we can remove the details of people who no longer live there  and invite new occupants to register individually. 

Household Enquiry Form 

Household Enquiry Forms (yellow) are being sent out to every property during August.  Please make sure that you respond to it as soon as you can, even if there are no changes to be made to the pre-printed details. It is a legal requirement and you can be fined up to £1000 for not doing so. This will also help us save money as if you do not respond we are required to send you a reminder form and undertake personal visits to obtain the information.

Please note that the Household Enquiry Form is not a registration form. Anyone added to the details pre-printed on the form will also need to register individually online at

Registering to vote means you have a right to vote in elections and can also improve your credit rating.

More information about registering to vote.

What do I need to do?

To respond you need to make a note of your security code printed on the front of the form and choose one of the options below.

If all the details remain the same you must now confirm this by either:

If the details need to be updated or someone needs to be added or removed you need to let us know by:

 Alternatively, you may complete the form and post it back in the envelope provided however it will save the council money if you use one of the above options.


Apply to be a canvasser

Every year we recruit a number of canvassers to assist with updating the electoral register.

Canvassers visit households across the borough during October and November to deliver voter registration forms and help residents with completing the forms if required.

For more information please download the information pack, personal specification and job description

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