Elections 2014

Council and European elections

Bromley Council and European Parliament elections took place on Thursday 22 May.

Local Council Elections

Local council elections took place across all London boroughs on Thursday, 22 May 2014.

Results 2014

All wards declared, results are:

Conservatives - 51, Labour - 7, UKIP - 2

See council election results by ward.

There are 22 wards in the borough of Bromley represented by 60 councillors in one, two and three councillor wards as follows:

1 ward - Darwin Ward represented by a single councillor

4 wards - Biggin Hill, Crystal Palace, Mottingham and Shortlands wards represented by two councillors

17 wards - ( remainder of wards) represented by three councillors

European Elections

The European Elections also took place on Thursday, 22 May 2014. There are 8 Members of the European Parliament representing London.

Results 2014

London Borough of Bromley summary of European Parliamentary election results 2014

European Parliamentary election London results 2014