Domestic violence

Worried about someone?

Concerns about the risk of domestic violence increasing for women, men and children under COVID-19 social distancing measures means that residents are encouraged to learn the signs to spot, so if something concerning is seen or heard, they know where they can report it.

In an emergency always call 999. If it is not an emergency, and you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact Crimestoppers online, or on the phone by calling 0800 555 111 with 100 per cent anonymity guaranteed.

Crimestopper’s guide on domestic violence and the signs to spot.

Here you can find out more information about domestic violence and where you can get advice and support.

Bromley and Croydon Women's Aid

We commission a number of services from Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid to support victims and survivors, and to challenge perpetrators to change their behaviour.

These include One Stop Shop support, outreach services, support groups, prevention services and refuges.