Pest control services

Pest control

We work with our pest control contractors SDK Environmental Ltd (trading as Dial A Pest) who will respond to enquiries and requests for help.  You can also book and pay for your treatment online. They can help in identifying the particular animal or insect and either arrange for a treatment to be carried out or, where no service is available, advise on what steps can be taken to resolve the problem. This service is chargeable.


Our contractor treats for rats and mice and a wide range of insect pests, including fleas, beetles, bedbugs and certain moths. The service offered for cockroaches or ant species, which require specialist treatment, is not included in the price quoted below and would require a survey and separate quote.


The services for the rats, mice and insects offered by the contractor are chargeable. Prices include VAT.

Use the online pest control form if you would like our contractor to contact you about a problem with pests or if you are reporting a problem with pests on public land or in a property which you do not own.

Please note that a service is not provided for all types of insect. These prices are subject to annual review. Rats and mice in commercial premises - by quote. 

Pest control services

The council has specific legal powers within the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, to take steps to ensure that owners and occupiers of land keep their land free from large numbers of rats and mice. The legislation provides the Council with powers to require the owner or occupier of land infested by rats or mice to take any steps that are deemed to be necessary to deal with the infestation. 

Further information

There is detailed information about the different types of pests and advice about how you can deal with them.

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