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Biscuit beetle

Biscuit beetles (Stegobium paniceum) are 2-3mm in length, reddish-brown in colour and similar to both the Tobacco beetle and common Furniture beetle.

Facts about biscuit beetles

The biscuit beetle is one of the more serious food industry pests due to its widespread occurrence and its ability to breach most forms of packaging. It is common in smaller shop storerooms and domestic larders.

How do they affect me?

Biscuit beetles lay eggs in or around a suitable food source and the newly-hatched larvae crawl or chew their way through most packaging materials. Preferred food sources include packets of food, birds nests and squirrel dreys.

How do you control them?

Removal of food source i.e. birds nest or old packets of cereal etc. will help to control an infestation. Small infestations may be controlled using a crawling insect spray, available from local chemists, hardware stores or garden centres. This should be applied to the vicinity of the infestation, being careful not to spray kitchen work-surfaces or food itself. 
Where infestations are extensive a thorough residual insecticide treatment is required. In such cases it is advisable to have a professional treatment carried out.

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