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Bromley Covid-19 outbreak control plan 

Bromley Council’s public health team, in common with all councils countrywide, has been asked by government to use its knowledge and expertise to put together a Covid-19 local outbreak control plan. This builds on our experience in infectious disease control and our knowledge and understanding of the borough.

The public health team has worked with partners and other organisations locally to devise this plan as a live document that will be regularly updated to reflect emerging local trends and to outline any actions that may be required to contain an outbreak and mitigate the spread of the virus. Standard operating procedures and action plans underpin this document, but as these will change daily, they are not included within the document.

NHS Test and Trace

Contact tracing is crucial to the effort to control outbreaks in the borough, so we are supporting NHS Test and Trace. We are also supporting businesses selling food and drink to record who is visiting their restaurants and cafes.

Local health services

Bromley's GPs and local health services are sending out a message that they are there for you, amidst fears that health conditions may worsen as fewer patients have been in touch about their usual health issues during the pandemic.

Please do not ignore symptoms or hesitate to seek out support if you're feeling unwell. Your physical and mental health is as important now as it ever was - so even if your concerns are not related to COVID-19, it is important to seek medical advice as and when you need to.

You can contact your GP or local health services online or over the phone to get the support you 

Find NHS health services

Details of local services - doctors, dentists, opticians, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics in Bromley.

Living healthier is easier to achieve with support.

You can find more advice, tips and tools to help you feel better physically, socially and mentally visit the NHS Live Well page.