Coronavirus (COVID-19) - advice and support for vulnerable residents

If you are displaying symptoms of coronavirus or have taken the decision to self-isolate please call upon family, friends and neighbours who might be able to provide assistance.

However, we understand that some residents may not be able to rely upon such support. In this case, the council and our volunteers will seek to help you where possible. If you require help, please think about what type of aid you need and fill in this form so we can ensure you receive the correct support.

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Who requires shielding?

The government has produced a set of criteria for individuals to be identified as medically vulnerable. This can be found at

New advice for shielding residents was published by the government on 31 May. People who are shielding remain vulnerable and should continue to take precautions, but can now leave their home if they wish, as long as they are able to maintain strict social distancing.

If you are shielding and wish to leave your home, please read the detailed guidance from

How can vulnerable people access food?

We encourage people to go through the following steps:

  1. Individuals should link with their neighbours or relatives.
  2. If shielding, register with the government for support with food - see
  3. Individuals can join a local group, perhaps through their local Residents’ Association or a Mutual Aid Group - see *
  4. Individuals should use the Bromley Assistance Helpline so that they can be matched with a local volunteer who can provide support with shopping (if the person needing assistance has the means to pay). If shielding, we will help people to register by providing information over the phone if they qualify on medical grounds.
  5. Individuals can use a local foodbank - details can be found on our foodbank page
  6. For those who have no access to funds, and cannot link into any of the above, food packages may be able to be dropped off - this should be registered as a very urgent food request on the Bromley Assistance Helpline. 

We have produced further help and guidance to help vulnerable people access food and shopping.

* These groups are not organised by the council. They are groups of people who have come together at a local level to support their local community.

Staying healthy and active

We have produced a short guide to provide a range of tips, advice and ideas for looking after your mental and physical health.

Download our guide to stay healthy and active.

COVID-19 assistance helpline

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Tel: 020 8313 4484