Personal budgets and direct payments

What are direct payments?

A direct payment is an amount of money that we will pay to you if you are eligible to receive care and support from us.

Who can receive a direct payment?

You can choose to take a direct payment if you are:

Aged 16 or over and have:

  • a physical disability
  • a learning disability
  • a sensory disability
  • a long term medical condition
  • mental health support needs

A carer who has had a carers assessment.

A parent or carer of a disabled child

To work out if you are eligible, we will complete an assessment of your needs. This will be either:

  • a care assessment if you have care and support needs, or
  • a carers assessment if you are an informal carer of a parent, disabled child, relative, partner or a friend or neighbour

Following the assessment which will identify your eligible care and support needs, we will make a calculation of the costs to meet these needs - this then becomes your personal budget.

How do we work out your personal budget?

To assess whether you are eligible for council funded support to meet your identified care needs, we will ask you to complete a financial assessment.

The financial assessment will identify if:

  • you are eligible for council funded support and
  • if you are eligible, whether need to make a financial contribution towards your personal budget (depending on your financial circumstances).

Your personal budget will set out how much we will pay towards your identified care needs. You can choose to take this personal budget as a direct payment.

A direct payment means that your personal budget will be given to you to arrange and pay for your care and support instead of the council arranging the service for you.