Personal budgets and direct payments

Following an assessment of need, anyone who needs social care support can now have more choice and control over the services they receive and how these are delivered.  

We now offer a 'personal budget' to people eligible for social care support. A personal budget is a calculation of how much money you have to spend on services you require to help you meet your needs and to keep you safe and healthy.

Your personal budget can be paid as a direct payment, a cash sum to enable you to make your own social care arrangements and to manage your own support. It can be managed by us on your behalf to organise the services and support you choose, or a mixture of both. If you are eligible, there are few constraints on how you use your personal budget so long as it is used to purchase care which can be demonstrated to meet your assessed need.

Who is the scheme for

Children, adults and older people who live in Bromley and have:

  • a physical disability;
  • a sensory impairment;
  • a learning disability;
  • a long term medical condition including HIV/AIDS;
  • mental health support needs.

Direct payments are also for:

  • parents/carers of disabled children;
  • disabled parents;
  • carers who have received a carer's assessment.

To use the direct payment service, you must be willing and able to manage your care with or without help (ie we would not offer it to someone with severe dementia, although their Deputy or Power of Attorney, if they had one, could apply on their behalf). You must also meet Bromley's specific eligibility criteria.


Vibrance can provide you with advice, support and training on all aspects of independent living and direct payments.

You may also be eligible for extra funds from the Independent Living Fund (ILF)

How can I apply for direct payments?

If you already receive care services talk to your care manager or social worker, or you can talk to someone at the early intervention service.


Personal budgets and direct payments are subject to the same charging procedures as apply to all services directly provided by Bromley Council. Depending on your individual circumstances you may have to contribute to the cost of any services you receive. Each case is assessed on an individual basis subject to need and a financial assessment.

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