Short breaks for adults (respite care)

The short break service is an assessed service available to carers and families of adults who through age, disability or illness are unable to manage on their own. Care can include

  • short stays in a care home or a care home with nursing support.
  • short stay placement in a community based short break service
  • additional home care support visits being put into place

Who is this service for

Adults, aged 18 or over and  living in the London Borough of Bromley, who

The service aims to 

  • allow individuals to maintain their independence and to remain in their own home for as long as possible 
  • allow individuals and their carers to maintain physical and emotional well-being by reducing uneccessary stress and strain 
  • reduce the need for admission to hospital or long term care 

Arranging short breaks

  • breaks are arranged in advance as part of the individuals or carers support plan and is based on an assessment of need
  • planned so that individuals are placed with people of a similar age group
  • are accessed through liaison with the individuals care manager
  • the service is not used to manage emergency placements where normal care arrangements have broken down.
  • short breaks can be arranged directly rather than through social care, a range of services are available through voluntary organisations and private providers. A  list of organisations is available on the directory of local organisations and advice services.


The costs for a short break are assessed against the individual's ability to pay through a financial assessment.