Homelessness strategy 2018-23

Bromley Council, with the help of our residents, partner organisations and stakeholders has developed the Homelessness Strategy 2018-2023.

The  strategy provides an overview of existing services and initiatives in place to prevent homelessness and outlines the priorities and objectives that will inform the development of our homelessness services from 2018 to 2023. It focuses on the following four priorities to help us achieve our mission statement - to work with our community to ensure everyone has access to a home:

  1. Early identification and prevention of homelessness
  2. Achieve positive outcomes for our young people
  3. Increase the supply of accommodation 
  4. Achieve positive outcomes by improving health and wellbeing and breaking the cycle of homelessness

Our strategy also provides our homelessness review. The review examines the national and local picture and includes data on homelessness in the borough to identify current and future challenges.

Download the homelessness strategy 2018-2023
Download the homelessness strategy priorities poster