Disrepair to rented accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation, have a problem with the property's general state of repair or amenities and your Landlord is refusing to carry out any repairs, contact us. We provide advice and inspect rented properties to protect owners, landlords, managing agents and residents.

There are approximately 23,000 rented properties in the borough of Bromley, including purpose-built houses, flats, caravans and flats and bedsits in converted properties (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

The landlord or their agent is usually responsible for the property's maintenance. This includes the roof, windows, utilities, boiler, fixed heating, bath, water closet, sink, drainage, etc. In addition the property should be free from dampness, structurally stable, and have adequate bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The tenants are usually responsible for internal decorations and any of their own appliances or fixtures they themselves have provided. They are also expected to occupy the property in a tenant-like manner, i.e. taking reasonable steps to avoid damaging fixtures and fittings and keeping the accommodation and any garden in a reasonable condition.

Reporting problems with disrepair

If you have a problem with disrepair at your property, contact your landlord or their agent in writing to give them the opportunity to put the matter right.

If you are a private tenant and after a reasonable period of time, (normally 28 days), repairs have not been carried out contact us to request assistance with your housing repairs.  

If you are a tenant of a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or Housing Association, your Landlord will have a formal complaints procedure and you will need to have been through this process first before we can take your complaint further.

Report disrepair problem

Further information 

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) have additional requirements for fire safety and amenities. 

The leaflet 'Do you rent, or are you thinking of renting, from a private landlord?' from the Department of Communities and Local Government gives further advice.

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