Disrepair to rented accommodation

Landlord’s right of access

A landlord’s right of entry is controlled by the rules laid out in the Housing Act 1988 and your landlord should already be familiar with the circumstances in which they can enter your home.

Landlords have a right to enter to:

  • Carry out repairs
  • Inspect the state of repair of the building or to empty a fuel slot meter
  • Carry out a room-cleaning service if this is agreed

Landlords are obligated to provide tenants with at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the property and visits must only be made at reasonable times of day.  It is illegal for a landlord or agent to enter a property without agreement from the tenant except in the case of an emergency or threat to health and safety such as:

  • A fire in the property
  • The smell of gas
  • Structural damage that urgently needs attention
  • The suspicion of a violent or criminal incident