Disrepair to rented accommodation

Broken boilers

If you can smell gas call 0800 111 999 immediately.

If your boiler is broken, you must contact your landlord or agent first and allow them a reasonable time to fix it.

What to expect of your landlord or agent

Once you have advised your landlord of an issue with the boiler you should receive a response from your landlord or agent within 48 hours to acknowledge your report and confirm when an engineer will be visiting. The engineer should be able to provide a valid identity card on request and must be Gas Safe registered.

In winter months, you should expect the boiler to be fixed within five working days however, if parts are required for your boiler to be fixed or if it needs to be replaced, this might take longer. If parts or a replacement boiler are required, your landlord or the engineer should advise you when the works are likely to take place and be completed.

Your landlord should provide you with temporary heaters during winter months whilst the repair/replacement work is taking place.

What to do if your landlord or agent does not repair the boiler

  • If your landlord or agent does not respond to you within five working days or you believe there are unreasonable delays to the works, you can contact us  and we may serve an enforcement notice and/or instruct contractors to undertake repairs.

You should note that the degree of priority that we give to this is influenced by the weather and any vulnerable occupiers. For example, we will give a higher priority to intervening with boiler repairs when the outside temperature is below freezing and older people or young children live at the property, and a lower priority in mild weather or the summer, or when the occupiers are healthy adults.

If you are unhappy with the work

If you have concerns about the work of the engineer or the safety of the boiler, contact your landlord and/or Gas Safe