Teaching careers in Bromley

Education in Bromley

Standards here are high. Our primary and secondary schools are regularly commended, and we have a higher number of 'good' and 'very good' schools than the national average; 26 deemed to be outstanding (OFSTED).

Each of our 40,000 students - in 74 primary schools, 17 secondary schools and 4 special schools - is treated as an individual, and we strive to create a rich learning environment that addresses cultural and spiritual issues, as well as intellectual and physical needs.

While of course some schools are more modern than others, every one in the borough benefits from computer networks, modern IT suites and classroom PCs, and staff and students alike have fast access to both the Internet and personal email accounts.

Moreover, as well as extra support for gifted children and those with special needs, we take great pride in the quality of the extracurricular activities we offer - including music, dance and sport - for children whose interests are not purely academic.