Teaching careers in Bromley

Schools workforce careers - professional development

We take your personal and professional development very seriously here at Bromley. Your personal and professional development begins as soon as you join us.

Support and training takes place at the Education Development Centre, a professional, spacious environment for all career development and training activities - courses, conferences, exhibitions, and meetings. There is specialist provision for literacy, numeracy, religious education, science, and health education. Brochures are produced annually setting out all available training opportunities.

'Support and training for newly qualified teachers is highly valued and of excellent quality... Careful and sensitive consideration is given to the pastoral and social needs of those new to Bromley so that new colleagues do not feel isolated' Ofsted 2003

Induction for primary school teachers

As a primary school teacher in Bromley you will have the benefit of our popular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme run by the Education Development Centre. Every month throughout the induction period Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) attend a full-day session with a mix of topics including planning, behavioural management, self-evaluation of practice, effective use of classroom support and time management.

Recent talks have included 'Dealing with Challenging Behavior', 'Literacy', 'Numeracy' and 'SEN'. You will have a comprehensive programme of support; an opportunity to talk through issues; access to leading literacy and numeracy teachers; and a chance to get to know the primary NQTs in other Bromley schools.

Induction for secondary teachers

Your school will develop an individualised programme of induction for you. This may include INSET, observations of experienced teachers and out of school training to help you meet the core standards. Regular observations of your teaching will be a key factor in your induction year. Networking with other NQTS in your school will provide opportunities for you to discuss specific local issues. You can expect periodic meetings with your mentor to discuss your progress and consider additional support.

Comments from NQTS regarding training they have received

"The practical ideas were really helpful and I have already thought of a huge variety of different ways I can use them over the year."

"I have learned so many brilliant ideas that will assist my teaching and learning. I can't wait to try strategies in class to help children."

"Excellent illustration of website (Multicultural Resources Centre online catalogue)  which I will certainly try to use. Very inspiring, combined with sensible advice."

"Good strategies for behaviour in the classroom"

"Good to meet with NQTS from other schools and share ideas"