Teaching careers in Bromley

Work life balance

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Work-life balance is increasingly important to young professionals and the Government's recent 'workforce remodeling' agenda seeks to address this issue in schools.

It has looked to achieve this in a number of ways, but primarily by taking away administrative tasks from teachers, restricting the amount of cover they are asked to take on and by offering them 10% timetabled release time once a week during the school day for planning, preparation and assessment. A number of Bromley schools lead the national field in this cultural change. One of our Secondary Schools, Kemnal Technology College appeared in promotional videos for the DfE (Department for Education) and took the lead in this process as part of the DfE Innovations Unit project.

Bromley has been quick to recognise the increasing role of support staff. Having responded to this change in schools by providing comprehensive training to support this. Bromley was one of the first local authorities to produce a training brochure specifically aimed at support staff. The central aim is to provide better skilled support across our schools for teachers in order that they can concentrate their full attentions on the exciting and demanding challenges of teaching. It is important to strive to raise the quality of the work being undertaken at all levels.

Schools have embraced flexible working. The last teacher survey sent out by the DfE recorded that around 18% of the teaching workforce currently worked part time offering flexibility to qualified teachers wishing to continue to work but needing to adjust their work life balance to meet other commitments.  

Working locally also offers obvious work/ life advantages. Bromley's strong geographic location, offering easy access to central London and out to many parts of the Kent and Surrey countryside make it a popular outer London spot for residents. Amenities are good throughout the borough offering a balance of practical and social services to the community.