Temporary highway licences

Temporary highway licences - overview

If you wish to place a builders skip, builders materials, hoarding, scaffolding, a mobile scaffolding tower, cherry-picker, or container on the highway, you will need a temporary highway licence.

A temporary highway licence grants permission for the structure to be on the highway for a set period of time. The licence may contain certain conditions which must be met depending on the nature of the location and structure.  
The licence ensures that the appropriate measures are taken by any third party to safeguard highway users and reduce disruption.
Any unlicensed structure on the highway can be viewed as an obstruction of the highway and the responsible party may be subject to a penalty fine and/or the structure may be seized and removed by Bromley Council.
You will also need a temporary highway licence for an unadopted road (typically unmade roads). Only private roads where public access is restricted or controlled do not need a temporary highways licence.
Further consent may be necessary where a structure is in a pay-and-display parking bay or requires a temporary road closure.
If any connected works involve a roadworks permit, a temporary highway licence is required only if the structure is to be placed outside of the agreed works area, please check before applying.

Does tacit consent apply?

No. We must process your application and notify you of the outcome before any licence can be granted. No structure should be placed or other works undertaken until the licence has been received by the relevant party. If you have not heard us within five days of submitting an application please contact us.

Please note that with all temporary highway licences, an extension or renewal will require a new application.

Anyone who believes they have been unfairly refused a temporary highway licence can appeal.

Appeal a refused temporary highway licence