Temporary highway licences

Banners and poppies

Consent from Bromley Council is needed to place/erect banners and poppies on or over the highway. This permission is given by granting a temporary highway licence.

When is a licence required

A licence covers

1. Banners in licenced locations . We only licence banners in:

a) Beckenham and Penge High Street on our licenced cross road fixings (these can be applied for on our online form)
b) On our park railings. Enquiries for these type of locations should be redirected to our grounds maintenance contractor idverde at enquiriesbromley@idverde.co.uk (please do not apply to the council).

2. Poppies for Remembrance

You will require a temporary highway licence from Bromley Council for any object that either oversails, or is affixed to street furniture on one of the following at any time:

  • Any public highway over which Bromley Council has authority and maintains at the public expense. 
  • Any unadopted road upon which Bromley Council must ensure that the public have a 'right of passage' and the ability to 'pass and repass'.

Street furniture is any object or pieces of equipment that are installed along one of these highways for any purpose such as benches, bollards, streetlamps and waste receptacles.

You will not require a licence on private roads where public access is restricted or controlled. 

Transport for London is responsible for licensing any object that comes under the definition of this licence on a TfL Red Route within the borough, which are:

  • The A21 (starts on the borough Boundary with Lewisham on London Road, and comprises Tweedy Road, Kentish Way, Masons Hill, Bromley Common, Hastings Road, Farnborough Common, Farnborough Way and Sevenoaks Road before finishing within the borough at Hewitts Roundabout)
  • The A232 (starts on the borough boundary with Croydon at Wickham Road and comprises West Wickham High Street, Glebe Way and Croydon Road before meeting the A21 at Farnborough Common).

All enquiries that relate to these locations should  be directed to TfL - highway licences

Applying for a licence 

We only take applications from organisations who have previously arranged successful events in partnership with us, and registered charities. Any applicant that falls outside this shall have their application automatically rejected. 

In order to consider an application you will need to complete an online application. As part of this application you will need to provide evidence of public liablility insurance which must:

  • Be valid for the period of the proposed licence
  • Have a minimum value of £2 million
  • Indemnify both the London Borough of Bromley and the applicant against damages to person and property. 

The stated licence period will also include the installation and removal operations, so please consider these when making your application. 

The responsibility for obtaining and following all regulations of the licence is solely that of the applicant. 

Any objects found affixed to Bromley Council owned street furniture that:
•    Are unlicenced
•    Are placed in contravention of the licence conditions. 
•    Have damaged or altered the street furniture in question in any way

May result in the responsible person/applicant incurring a penalty charge and/or a request that the objects are removed. 

Licence conditions

Each object has its own particular terms and conditions that must be met before either the council or its grounds maintenance contractor idverde will authorise it to be licenced.Therefore please ensure that you read and understand the relevant ones for the object that you wish to licence:

Read terms and conditions banner licence

Terms and conditions - poppies licence

Poppies may only be placed on any item of street furniture for which the London Borough of Bromley has given its permission, and are not permitted on pedestrian railings as these may hinder the view of drivers and/or distract them when approaching a junction/crossing. 

Licences authorising poppies will be authorised for a period of around two weeks leading up to 11 November/Remembrance Sunday, whichever is later. Bromley Council reserves the right to make alterations to this period on any application. 

Once granted, all licences will have the following terms and conditions for when the object(s) are on or over the highway’

  • It is an offence under Section 132 of the Highways Act 1980 for anyone to affix any picture, letter, sign or other mark on any Bromley owned street furniture without its consent as the highway authority. Under Section 178 of the same legislation, it is also an offence for anybody to place any cable, wire or similar apparatus over, along or across a Bromley highway without its consent. 
  • Objects are only to be attached to street furniture for which the council has given its permission and on authorised fixings and points. No objects are to be placed on pedestrian safety railings. 
  • Objects spanning the highway must be no less than 7 metres (23 feet) above the highway, and they must not interfere with street lighting, CCTV cameras or other items of street furniture. 
  • Banners are not under any circumstances to be placed on Christmas light fixings. 
  • Failure to comply with the licence conditions may result in administration charges being levied and future applications refused. If the council's contractors are called out to make safe the licenced object, the licence holder will be charged for this service. 

Bromley High Street

Should you need to access Bromley High Street as part of your licence, you will also require a vehicle access permit. Please ensure you allow Bromley Council two working days before the required date to process the permit. 

Licence costs

We do not charge to grant a banner licence which authorises the object in question to be on or over the highway legally. However you may incur charges for the use of the cross road banner fixings in Beckenham and Penge High Street by the respective owners. 

Apply for a licence

Please allow 2 working days for your application to be processed

Complete banner licence application form


Anyone who believes that they have been unfairly refused a licence can appeal

Appeal a refused licence

Data protection and privacy

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