Civil marriage ceremonies

Marriages for foreign nationals

Bromley welcomes marriages from all nationalities, provided the couple have obtained the necessary legal permissions. Bromley register office is not designated to carry out legal preliminaries for persons subject to immigration control wishing to marry.

Find a designated register office where you can give your notice.


As long as eligibility is satisfied and notice is given, a couple can marry anywhere in England and Wales, including non designated register offices. So it is possible for foreign nationals to marry in Bromley.

Notice of marriage

The requirements for giving notice of marriage may differ for couples subject to immigration control, who may have their notice period extended to 70 days from 28 days. The fee of £35, which is non refundable, will vary according to your immigration status.

Further information

The following persons are not subject to immigration control so will give their notice in the district where they live, as at present:

  • British Citizens;
  • European Economic Area (E.E.A) nationals;
  • members of visiting forces from NATO;
  • members of visiting forces from commonwealth countries;
  • diplomats

Bromley Registration Service

Department: London Borough of Bromley The Register Office is on the first floor. From 27 January 2020 for approximately six weeks, our lift will be out of order whilst it is replaced. Please follow instructions on arrival if you are unable to use the stairs.


Tel: 0300 303 8667

Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH